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Quality Procedure


a. Material Receiving

  • All incoming material shall be checked for conformity by the store keeper.
  • All incoming material shall checked for conformance with the purchase order and as per project specification.
  • All incoming material shall be entered in stock register.
  • In case of customer supplied materials a customer supplied property register shall be maintained.
  • Any client supplied material shall be stored separately from general stock.
  • All incoming materials shall be stored with adequate packing and shall be identified jod number.
  • Copy of materials test certificates and inspection details shall be forwarded to the quality controller for review and approval.
  • All materials test certificates shall be forwarded by quality control to client approval (if required) prior to production.

b. Non Conforming Material

  • Materials witch do not conform to the requirements will be identified by red tags
  • The red tags will carry the identification and reason for non conformance and will be moved to a hold area.
  • A non conformace report will prepared with all details.
  • The report will then be checked and signed by a quality controller.
  • A corrective action shall be taken by the quality controller to get the material approval by the concession request or the material shall be rejected and sent back to the supplier.

c. Material Issue

  • All Materials will be issued against a duly authorized material indent indicating location, job reference, material indetification, drawing reference and quality required whenever moulding schedule available.
  • Materials indent will be prepared for production by supervisor and sent to the store keeper.
  • Materials will be issued and delivered to predetermine locations at site or shop, maintaining traceability of materials.

d. Return of Materials

  • Balance materials shall be returned to the stores truogh materials return note, such materials shall be clearly identified by the stores.


  • Quality plan shall be prepared supported by the inspection and test plan by the quality controller.
  • Inspection and test plan shall clearly indicate inspection details, hold points, document approval, 100% inspection, surveillance appropriate codes and standards, controlling documents, approval required and document review details.
  • Production supervisor shall strictly follow the quality plan and inspection and test plan.
  • In process inspection shall be carried out by the quality controller and recorded.
  • A visual mould inspection shall be carried out by the quality controller.


  • Preparing detailded production plan.
  • Preparing detailed production list.
  • Issuing production list to production department.
  • Materials verified and specification.
  • Quality control and inspection carried out.
  • Moulding productconfirmed and checked by quality.
  • Moulding carried out as per requirements.
  • Visual mould inspection carried out.
  • Non destructive test carried out.
  • Reports forwarded to clients and consultants.
  • Materials delivered to site as per plans.
  • Materials received at site and stacked clearly.
  • Foundation plan checked.


  • Any item to be rectified due to non conformance will be identified properly. All rectifications will be performed as per approved procedures and code requirements under the surveillance of quality controller.


  • A formal inspection request shall be forwarded to the quality controller be the site engineer/production supervisor in regarding any testing of inspection.


  • A dimensional inspection report/visual mould inspection report and final inspection report shall be forwarded to the client on the final documentation.