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Quality Control


  • All moulded and erected items will comply with the project specification and muolding requirements as per the applicable codes and specifications.


  • Required moulding procedure specification shall be prepared be quality controller and procedures qualification and moulder qualifications shall be conducted as per the project/client requirements.
  • When moulding procedure are readily available from earlier project files, quality controller will select and compile required procedures and redocument them for the projects.
  • Testing Procedures: Quality controller will prepare written procedures in accordance with project specification and codes, which will be reviewed and approved by client.
  • All results shall be recorded in test report. If required third party shall be nominated to witness the testing.


  • The production supervisor/site engineer will be responsible for ensuring the application of correct testing procedure.
  • Quality assurance inspector will approve the correctness of the procedure to the applied and any non conformity will be reported to the supervisor for corrective measures.
  • Quality controller will check the system prior to testing along with production supervisor/site engineer and review all other inspection documents and ensure that the system is acceptable for testing.
  • Quality controller along with production supervisor/ site engineer will witness the testing.
  • The production supervisor will prepare a testing record and attach the testing chart, witch will be reviewed and approved by quality assurance inspector before submitting to athorized inspector for acceptance.


  • All consumables shall be strictly stored as per the manufacturers recommendations. Production supervisor/site engineer will be responsible for maintaining quality level of moulding consumables and controlling the issue retrieval of electrodes.


  • All destructive testing shall be done by an approved third party nominated by the client.
  • Prior to appointing any third party the client’s approval shall be obtained.
  • Any failure and observation occurred during N.D.T. shall be recorded in the non conformance report and corrective actions shall be taken by the quality controller.
  • An N.D.T. inspection shall be carried out by the third party for conformity. All the non destructive testing reports shall be forwarded to the client with the final documentation.


  • The final inspection shall be carried out by the quality controller and recorded in the final inspection report as per the project specification and contract.


  • All N.D.T. reports including non conformance reports will form part of the final documentation.
  • All N.D.T. reports will be kept in safe storage for a period stipulated in the applicable codes and specification. All results will be traceable by proper records at any time during that period.
  • Final documentation shall include raw material approval/approved moulding procedure/consumable certificate/dimensional inspection report/final inspection report etc.